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Want to go to heaven without that whole dying thing? Make these:

Christina Tosi and her magical treats have officially secured a sweet spot in my heart forever. What makes these cookies so crazy delicious? For starters, mini marshmallows. Then, mini chocolate chips. (Christina’s theory is that if you use minis you get a little bit of everything in each bite. Brilliant.) And lastly, Cornflake Crunch. Oh yes, Cornflake Crunch. What is Cornflake Crunch you ask? Behold.


Add sugar, salt, milk powder & butter…

Mix, bake & Ta-Dah! – Cornflake Crunch!

Now, onward to cookies! These are what I would call, patient person cookies. They need to take about an hour long nap in the refrigerator prior to baking, which requires patience on my part. Thankfully, I have some left over cornflake crunch to snack on…

Oven Ready!

I thought these looked good before they hit the oven. And then this happened…

Magical ribbons of bubbly marshmallow-y goodness.  Be still my heart.

(Insert a squeal of delight!)

Out of all the books on my shelves, the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook is quickly becoming my favorite and I think it’s pretty clear why. A huge thank you to my sweet muffin for an awesomely thoughtful, ridiculously tasty gift. How will I ever repay such kindness? I know, I’ll make cookies.

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