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Most of our Labor Day Weekend involved doing exactly this:

Kingsley, doing what Kingsley does best.

Cats are great at a lot things, chasing toys, tearing up furniture, being adorable, eating anything that slightly resembles a paper product and of course sleeping. Kingsley brings sleeping to an art form. He just makes it look SO good. Our goal for the weekend was to relax and try to “achieve Kingsley”. Mission accomplished.

My other goal was to whip up a treat to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Bean 2.0, my long time favorite lady Hillary’s bun in the oven. Since I’ve been actively wishing for cooler weather since May I found my cake inspiration while daydreaming of scarves, boots, hot chocolate and s’mores.

Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, Chocolate Frosting, More Graham Cracker. Yes.

Cheers to Hillary and Jared! xoxo

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